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The SCOUT TREKCART - Selection of Photographs
(More will be added when available)
Trying to build one? ... Have a look at this!

SliemaTrekCart.jpg (59352 bytes) Boy Scouts from 1st Sliema (Bernard's Own) Scout Group in Malta collecting clothes and blankets for the Hungarian Crisis in November 1956. They pose patiently near my home in St. Julian's. Their large Headquarters, the basement of the local School in Depiro Street, Sliema, was filled to capacity.
ShurdingtonTrekcartClothing.jpg (201447 bytes) Scouts from 15th Cheltenham (SHURDINGTON) Scout Group collecting clothes and blankets for the Kosovo Crisis in April 1999. History repeating itself as they pose outside my house at 8 Laurence Close, Shurdington. Clothes were taken direct to Churchdown Scouts' HQ, which was the local collecting point.
PrestburyTrekcartFrame.jpg (69317 bytes) The Year, 1975. 
The Venue, the Park Stores back garden in New Barn Lane, Prestbury. 
The project, to re-build 1st Prestbury Scout Group's precious Trekcart. 
PrestburyTrekcartBase.jpg (55800 bytes)
1st Prestbury Scout Group's precious Trekcart being used as a Saluting Base.
St George's Day Parade outside the Council Offices, Promenade, Cheltenham, in April 1978.
Mayor of Cheltenham Councillor Frewin, ACC (I) and District Chairman Len Ward
(Photograph NY77 by Cheltenham Newspaper Company - Glos. ECHO)
TrekcartExplorersJul04.jpg (76363 bytes) In July 2004 Shurdington's Explorers brought their Trekcart out of mothballs, to prepare for its refurbishment. It was wheeled from the Group's garage to the Scout headquarters at the Millennium Hall, Social Centre, Shurdington.
TrekcartTrials.jpg (587843 bytes) Trekcart Trials - Bowley Scout Camp, Lancashire - August 2003 - 4th Birkenhead Scouts.
DoverCamp1913Trekcart.jpg (26146 bytes) Dover Camp in 1913. the 7th Dover Boy Scouts camp in August 1913, in Goodnestone Park in Kent.
YMCAscoutTrekcart.jpg (17441 bytes) The unlikely foreground takes the eye to the sign writing on the side of the YMCA Scout Group's trek-cart. B-P can also be seen in this photograph (centre) taken at the rally in Godson Park in 1914
FIG158.JPG (46368 bytes) Boy Scout Trekcarts were often the outstanding feature of the Holiday Parade.
3rd Ware Scouts - The Troop at Barwick Ford, 1922 - website
FIG159.JPG (47295 bytes) The cost of building a cart was quite small. The work was quickly done. Modelled in USA on the pioneers' wagons.
FIG160.JPG (55833 bytes) The Trekcart was very versatile. The top of this one possibly in USA, akin to an American Pioneer's wagon, could be used as a shelter, the box inverted as a table, and the running gear used to fetch firewood. 
FIG168.JPG (49638 bytes) The pulling bar was also used upright and extended to form a radio mast in the early days of communications between Scouts on camps.
scoutencampment.jpg (38987 bytes) Superb model of a Scout Encampment - including the trusty Trekcart, or a variation of...
Trekcart model.jpg (29106 bytes) Model of Boy Scouts on the move with a Trekcart. Model made by Britains for the US market.
TrekcartCampchiefs.jpg (26074 bytes) In front of the Scouts arriving with their Trekcart, the Camp Chiefs welcome their Guest of Honour - Baden-Powell. Model made by Britains for the US market.
Trekcart model-Scouts.jpg (13154 bytes) And here they are, arriving at camp and posing for a 'model'.
8thHillsideTrekcart.jpg (635849 bytes) 8th Bulawayo (Hillside) Cub Pack at Gordon Park, Matopos, Zimbabwe, pulling their cub-leaders Justine Ralphs and Megan Jones along in a Trek Cart! Photo taken in 1980.
GosportScoutsTrekcart.jpg (307557 bytes) Gosport Scouts putting their Trekcart back together again.
SpartanVSUtrekcart.jpg (28185 bytes)

The Chief Scout, Michael Walsh, presents the shield to Spartan VSU, winners of the Trek Cart race Sept 1982. Clwyd Scouts.

BallingloughScouts1.jpg (14224 bytes) 38th/40th Cork - Ballinlough Scouts with their Trekcart challenges.
BallingloughScouts2.jpg (12249 bytes)
BallingloughScouts3.jpg (14659 bytes)
Faithlegg1996.jpg (35860 bytes) De La Salle Scouts in the 1996 Trek Cart Race in Faithlegg.
2ndBentleyTrekPull.jpg (41285 bytes) 2nd Bentley Scout Group at Trek cart 1999 - a heavy uphill struggle.
TrekcartCyclists.jpg (38594 bytes) Trekcart drawn by cyclists - OK for the flat, but not so for a hill.
Trekcart3rdBromley.jpg (124740 bytes) 3rd Bromley Boy Scouts off to camp in the 1920's. Comment from Doug Ramsey Bromley Group Archivist:
The photo of the trek cart was taken at Lords Wood in Bromley, which was the groups camp site from 1909 to the 1950ís. The District used to run trek cart competitions with a cup for the winner and the photo may well have been taken as we were the winning group that year. We still have a cart but the last time it was used for camp was in the 1970ís but the Ventures/Explores  have used it for the District assault course competition, you know, striping it down and getting it across rivers sort of thing."
TrekCarts2007.jpg (155443 bytes) The Trek Cart is still very much alive - Mike Rowland & Son, Wheelwrights and Coach Builders of Devon made 6 new ones for the 2007 World Jamboree at Hylands Park. - and you thought Trek Carts were a thing of the past. 
Two of the Centenary Trekcarts
1st Rickmansworth scouts - A well sought after trophy
Guestwell scouts cart.
Darlington troop's cart.

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