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The GUYLINE HITCH (see Animation)

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(Drawing from the mid-50s)

The Guyline Hitch is an ideal replacement for a guyline with a missing 'runner'.

It is easily adjusted by pulling on the working-end of the rope, and self jamming.

The history of the majority of the thousands of knots we use in our daily work and play is unknown and stretches back far beyond the days of the tall ships, when knots abounded.

There are a few though that are quite recent 'inventions' and the GUYLINE HITCH on the left is one of them.

This knot is a wonderful replacement for a tent or flag pole guyline which has lost its wooden or metal runner.

You simply tie two overhand knots (or figure of eights which jam less), take the rope round a peg, and downwards through the two knots - as in the diagram.

The Guyline Hitch was 'invented' by our Senior Scouts at 1st Sliema (Bernard's Own) Scout Group in Malta in the mid 50's. This was in the days when the only tents available to us were ex-Army surplus which were invariably damaged and much of the guys and runners missing.

'Necessity is the Mother of Invention', I guess.

Paul Calleja-Gera (ex Senior Scout Leader - Sliema Group, Malta)

Copyright since 1998 Paul Calleja-Gera - All rights reserved.

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