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Explorer Sleepover - 17/18 Mar 2006
9 Explorers met one Friday evening, ate, had fun, then 7 stayed and watched DVDs till 4am, kipped down, up at 8am, cleaned the Millennium Hall, had breakfast, went home - and I guess went back to bed.
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Pancake or Rachel's liver?

The Unit's New T-Shirts - January 2006
The proud first 14 'Stuffed Penguins' - Shurdington's Explorer Scouts

Olly(11) - Ollie(04) - Johnny(13) - Tony(07) - Simon(02) - Kate(01) - Jessica(06)
Callum(05) - Tom(09) - Sally(12) - Rachel(14) - Emma(03)
Matthew(08) - Will(10)

(A report by Emma & Kate)

See also full report on the Scout Association website

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Day One- 1st August
Took a bus up to Eurojam
.Was put in Tagus group, Emma was in Pyrenees. Given Eurojam Necker and a Brownsea Necker (see photo). Was quite scary at first no-one knew ANYONE in our groups. We played some games in our sub camp group to get to know each other. Then, we spent as much time as we could with around 10,000 young people trying to do as much as possible! The whole day that we were there, there were hundreds of activities to do. I did things like swapping badges, went on the radio, painted, made woggles, did circus skills, and even tried Hungarian food. Because we were only at the camp for 1 day, all our tents were made up for us, and we had hosts for the evening meal. I went to an American group with four others for our main meal which we were the guests of honour for! Evening entertainment was amazing, quite overwhelming, there was so much to do. There was the main stage, which had lots of loud music every night, then there was a disco tent, and lots of Cafť/bars. At about 11pm I went back to the camp base, it taking me about half an hour because I got so lost in a sea of tents!

Day Two- 2nd August
Had cooked breakfast with the Americans
. Bus journey over to Brownsea took AGES! But was good got talking to lots of other people and there were games and competitions to do. Got over to Brownsea was really good weather walked up to our campsite. Were split into even more groups I was in wolves, Emma was in Curlews. The idea of the sub camps was to split us up from the people we knew so that we could make new friends. We got to know people in our groups and then explored the site. The dining tent was ginormous, and the food was really good!

Later, we had our dinner and then went to have the evening entertainment. . We were given straw cowboy hats decorated with our sub camp colours to wear, because we were going to be barn dancing! I didnít expect this to be much fun, but it was amazing. We were all dancing on the top of the island with a live band with people we didnít know! This was a real icebreaker for most people and it got everyone geared up for the next day

Day Three- 3rd August
We were woken up by loud music and banging pots and pans at 6:30 in the morning to go to have breakfast. The aim of the day was to do 12 activities in 10 hours! The day was really good and exhausting! It didnít help that the temperature was around 90 degrees and there were many people with heat exhaustion and sunburn. We did activities like kayaking, sailing, shooting, archery, laser quest, fair trade, and environmental work, team building and inflatable!

In the evening we had a fame academy singer come to perform and then a disco. At the end of the day there was a slideshow of photos of us with the new friends we had made. Amazing Day!

Day Four- 4th August
Woken at 6:30, had breakfast and then packed up. Had a long journey ahead of us. Got e-mail addresses and had flag down. End to an incredible camp.

  Clearing out Room 101 - Feb05 

And The Venture Den

  Narrowboat Experience - Oct 2004 

A Collection.
 November 04 - DESC / ESL / Jess invested at St Paul's Church, Shurdington.
Pudsy collection, an evening with the Vicar, Rev. Richard Mitchell.

When we hear the expressing Trading Post it no doubt takes our mind back to cowboy films and log cabins filled with everything the Pioneers needed to set up a new home or business in the Wild West. Well, not quite the Wild West but more like South Cheltenham on 22nd November 2004 where our six Explorer Scouts hosted their idea of a Trading Post. Some two dozen Explorer Scouts from Cheltenham District met in the Century Hall and proceeded to trade. They formed new companies and traded for one hour under such names as Chicken Heads (655 Shurdies), Kej & Co (675 Shurdies), Kalora (710 Shurdies) and Sexy Mandy (winners with 775 Shurdies profit). They bought articles from the Leaders present, went off to their tables, and came back with something indescribable made up and ready for sale. Leaders bought back whatever they thought was well enough constructed, adding a bit of profit. A typical example was buying a cardboard box, piece of wood and a rubber band for 20 Shurdies, the local currency, and selling back a cardboard guitar for 100 Shurdies; a neat profit. They all had a great time and the winners were Sexy Mandy - whoever she is! Sadly Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley could not make it. Instead we had the pleasure of Pat Hopes, District Commissioner, and Paddy Langham our new DESC, to judge the event. 
Dscn0275.jpg (67592 bytes) The Cheltenham District Explorer 'Traders' with their District Flag Dscn0259.jpg (50963 bytes) Working on a Map & Compass problem.  Dscn0260.jpg (43752 bytes) Carving a carrot into a goldfish!
Well? Why not!
Dscn0261.jpg (55962 bytes) Just checking!
Perhaps its not tied properly.
Dscn0262.jpg (48575 bytes) How best to tackle this to get the most Shurdies! Wiring a 3-pin plug. Dscn0263.jpg (51705 bytes) Here's one I made earlier. Scout Network member tries her hand at knots.
Dscn0264.jpg (54859 bytes) Now! How do you put this Trangia back together again? Dscn0265.jpg (59619 bytes) Look! If we say this looks like a woggle, it looks like...aaahhh a carrot. Dscn0267.jpg (56756 bytes) This IS the perfect way to fold a necker!
Dscn0268.jpg (45627 bytes) One cardboard box, one rubber band, two paper clips = One Guitar. Dscn0269.jpg (45320 bytes) Making a triangular head bandage! That will do. Dscn0273.jpg (47777 bytes) DC Pat Hopes presents Kate with her Chief Scout's Platinum Award.
Dscn0274.jpg (44869 bytes) DC Pat Hopes presents Paddy Langham with his Provisional Appointment as DESC

Guess Who?

Buffalo Bill

..and her?

Annie Oakley

'Exploring' Chargrove Nature 
Reserve - June 2004
Four New Explorers
Invested - July 2004

The old Trekcart was finally brought out of mothballs in July 2004 with a hope of its being renovated this summer by Shurdington's Explorer Scouts. The Trekcart was rescued and fully refurbished in 1975 by Prestbury Venture Scouts. In the early 90s, and due to lack of space for storage, it was taken over by Shurdington Scouts, and used on several occasions, in particular for the collection on hundreds of blankets and clothes during the Romanian crisis. It was also used as a saulting base on St George's Day Parades. It now requires major repair, especially to the two cart wheels. 

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GILWELL 24 - An Explorer Event July 2004
(see Photo Album - Courtesy of Kate & Emma Slee)

On Saturday 10th July we arrived at Gilwell for the Explorer 24 hour Challenge, G24. Checked in & were given our passports with all the info on  different  bases, challenge scoring cards & most importantly a map as it’s a massive site. At 9.45 am about 300 Explorers met at Time Square for the start of the 24 hr challenge. There were loads of activities: rifle shooting, clay pigeon shooting, archery, rock climbing, abseiling, zip wire, swimming, waterslide, Quasar, tree climbing, fairground rides, go karts, 
T shirt design, raft building, canoeing (& more!) and lots of team challenges.

Films started in the huge barn at 9.00pm - 9.00am! There was live music, internet cafť, play stations, dance mats, crafts, speed climbing, & yet more fairground rides which kept us awake! At 3am there was a camp fire for those still awake (about 150) and then we all gathered to watch the sunrise. Breakfast at 4am & more bumper car rides! Everyone met again at 9.45 to count down the remaining minutes wearing our G24 T-shirts. Brilliant camp!

Asleep at 10.05am !

Kate & Emma - Shurdington Explorer Scouts

Learn about Dr. Edward Wilson, Antarctic Explorer:
1) Exhibition in Cheltenham Museum
2) Wilson statue in the Promenade, and his house in Montpellier.
3) Story and pictures - Natural History Museum

4) BBC news story of the tragedy that befell Scott's race for the South Pole in 1912.
5) Story of the Stuffed Penguin, now in Cheltenham Museum - previously in Shurdington Primary School.

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© Scott Polar Research Institute
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Dr.Wilson's statue in The Promenade, Cheltenham The Wilson House at 91 Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham Bowers, Evans, Scott, Oates and Wilson at the South Pole. Antarctic exhibition at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum.

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