The surname originates from two families descended from two of the Langues (Languages) of the Knights of Malta
established in Malta in 1530. The Knights were drawn exclusively from noble families and the Order
acquired vast wealth from those it recruited There were 8 Langues from 8 different European countries.
These were one each in Aragon, Auvergne, Castile, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Provence.
Buildings, their headquarters, still exist in Valletta, such as Auberge de Castile, Auberge de Provence etc.

The 8-pointed Maltese Cross explained.

How to draw one

The official language is Maltese

Times of Malta Article - Thursday 9th November 2000

There is a Motto inscribed on the Calleja coat of arms REGIA ME ORNAT AVIS which a family member now living in Canada, Joanna, researched. 
She speaks of the side of her family and George Calleja-Gera, who is one of many brothers and sisters of my late father Paul, married to Violet Lanzon.
Paul & Violet had 5 children - Ena, Laura, Juliette, Margaret and myself Paul.

Photos taken by Stef Trower of the Band of Brothers
David ~ Peter ~ Joe - December 2006

David & Stef's Wedding - 22 June 2013 - some iPhone photos

Some Family Photographs and my journey through to the 21st Century

Mum.jpg (2411 bytes) Dad.jpg (3286 bytes) Mum Dad wedding.jpg (14149 bytes) Me 6Mar36.jpg (11756 bytes) Self1939.jpg (4626 bytes) HolyCommunion.jpg (9435 bytes)
Mum - Voilet nee Lanzon Dad - Paul Calleja-Gera Snr Wedding Day Myself - 6Mar36 & Various stages of growing up - Sliema & St Julian's, Malta 
Swimming.jpg (13046 bytes) Chadwick Lakes.jpg (17218 bytes) ThreeGenerations.jpg (42998 bytes) Climbing.jpg (8468 bytes) DivingSuit.jpg (13358 bytes)
Summer at St Julian's With my sister Margaret at Chadwick Lakes, Malta THREE GENERATIONS
At 58, now 84 Main Street, St Julian's, Malta
(Seated by my dad is Edith Storace, a friend - sadly deceased)
Climbing at Ix-Xaqqa, Siggiewi Sub-aqua diving in Libya
CanoeTobruk.jpg (9641 bytes) CominoBoat.jpg (21514 bytes) Fishing.jpg (26785 bytes) SelfPortrait.jpg (23724 bytes)
Canoeing in Tobruk Boating at Comino Fishing in Tobruk Oil Painting in Tobruk Self-Portrait The finished painting. Painting of my dad, done in Libya.
WireRigging.jpg (18165 bytes) Upholster.jpg (17183 bytes) Sewing.jpg (21065 bytes) Bowfender.jpg (17050 bytes) LargeEyeSplice.jpg (17799 bytes) RubberSplice.jpg (25915 bytes)
Splicing wire rigging at Viani Street workshop, Sliema Upholstering at my Viani Street workshop, Sliema Sewing Sails in Viani Street Making Bow Fenders at Sliema Scout HQ Splicing Yacht Lifting tackle at Viani Street Splicing a gunwale rubber
at Ripard's Warehouse

Forge.jpg (13728 bytes)

HuntingLibya.jpg (22079 bytes)

Steel Forging in Sliema Scout Headquarters Shooting at Wadi el Kuf, Libya

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